The 25th of October 2018 at the Weltkulturen Museum Frankfurt am Main a much anticipated and talked about exhibition "GREY IS THE NEW PINK" started with a bang. What defines being old within different cultures? For everyone age is a very close, individual, relative phenomenon that on the other hand is treated as something defined by societies.

From the planning stage, CPP Studios participated. It was necessary to develop a concept that visualizes age and aging in a wide variety of perspectives and can do justice to this ubiquitous phenomenon.

For the exhibition "GREY IS THE NEW PINK" CPP Studios created the graphic design including media for the public relations as well as the layout of the exhibition catalog. Technical support was also provided by the CPP Studios team.

A worldwide “call for content” delivered a huge load of diverse and authentic picture and media materials concerning “age” as a topic by voluntary suppliers. This was taken into the exhibition layout and completed by an exhibition within the entrance and stairwell zone that CPP was partially responsible for.

For us agency-wise the project for Weltkulturen Museum Frankfurt was duty and privilege at once. We say thank you for the trust put in our work and continue to be a proud member of this interdisciplinary team.