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A German Design Award is added to the Shelf!
The BoBs and the Reddot were joined in mid-2017 by a German Design Award for the IBM Urban Art Cloud. In deep gratitude we bow to the esteemed jury, sweating at the thought of what could now be expected of us for future projects.

BoB silver and bronze for the IBM Urban Art Cloud
The IBM Urban Art Cloud continues its award rally. 2016: a silver BoB in the Live Events / Trade Fair (or: Exhibition) category, as well as a BoB in bronze for Digital Communications now join the 2015 Red Dot Communications Design Award for Interface Design. So, it’s thanks once again to the jury, our client IBM, our award-winning partner agency Ogilvy & Mather (Frankfurt), as well as Angelika Haus (DYO) and Kevin Schlömer (Artmos4).

Cities are defined by architecture. They can be inspired by art.
Often this is done by professional artists. But what happens when the residents themselves become the artists?
The IBM Urban Art Cloud is experimenting with this question. Bringing together a digital canvas, people, buildings, cloud technology and the spirit of sharing through social networks.
At city festivals as well as tradeshows and events, visitors gathered around an easel with a digital screen. They played with a custom-designed (projection of a) Mapping Painter app. What(ever) they created was then displayed: live and full-size, on facades and projection objects. Proud artists of all age groups and backgrounds lined up. And the audience was astounded.
As soon as the volunteer artist considered his work complete, it became part of a worldwide digital art gallery: The Urban Art Cloud.
Hosted on IBM`s very own Softlayer Cloud and developed using IBM`s Bluemix Framework, the Urban Art Cloud is indeed based on exactly the technologies it is promoting. Its responsive HTML 5 Code functions on every Smartphone, tablet or desktop.
The urban artists were astounded by the immediate appearance of their art as part of a cloud-based exhibition and how easily they could share it with one click. And that’s what they did! Big time!
So far the Urban Art Cloud curates 1046 artworks and created 1452 shares. The gallery was hit by nearly 14.000 visits coming with nearly 82.000 page calls. The average visitor stayed on the site for an average of 4.5 minutes.
Now only one task remains. Collect artworks from major cities of all five continents. Negotiations with festivals and event organizers are well on their way.
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