Lufthansa Cargo - Holo Container

For Lufthansa Cargo, CPP Studios has developed an exhibit that is used to present the cargo fleet a new Cargo Center at Frankfurt Airport, as well as airline service routes and transport container features.

A real LD 3 cargo container has been equipped with pseudo-holographic display technology, which can present the contents and complicated procedures as free-floating elements in space.
The means for retrieving the themes and viewing the contents are self-explanatory; the user begins the presentation by simply pressing a button.
The original LD 3 cargo container, which here serves as the housing for the exhibit, containing the media technology and all accessories required for its operation, is also used as a unit loading device in cargo aircrafts. Even after being converted into an exhibit, it can easily be transported by air. It is therefore very simple to use this exhibit for a variety of events and trade fairs.
An illustrated construction manual also enables the exhibit to be quickly and effortlessly assembled and dismantled, even by the untrained.