IBM Research Challenge - Research at the Limit

Just add a little Schadenfreude!

Image and campaign movies are often boring and predictable. Therefore it`s pure joy if a customer begs to differ. Briefed by employer IBM consolidated advertising we are producing the "IBM research challenges".

The IBM labs are packed with relevant and important research projects.
Problem: Finding it and getting it explained in an accessible way.

Solution: The IBM consolidated advertising team identifies researchers and topics while CPP is providing a topic related challenging environment that drives a certain on-point result driven presentation style.

Surprisingly short the complex topic of "cognitive robotics" can be dealt with if the speaker is strapped to a racing seat attached to the end of a moving robot arm. Also convincing is the pitch intensity and efficiency if the researcher is forced to deliver while former four-men bob world champion Kurt Einberger is driving him down an olympic race track.

Maybe this will be considered a role model for future congresses or speaker events?