"Mastering Climate Change"

Green containers as Interactive Adventure World

How can we deal with climate change in the city? The Green Container is chock full of ideas and inspiration. In the course of the “City Climate” installation of the Green City project, visitors to the Street life Festival in Munich could gain valuable information on the phenomenon of climate change and actively take part in the action. Meanwhile outside, performance artist Dandelion proved her versatility as decoration, seating arrangement and light source.

The inner walls of the container feature interactive touch projections; cutting-edge technologies bringing the static graphics and illustrations to life. Tapping the dedicated “touch points” is registered by sensors, thereby changing the animations on the walls. Visitors gain insight into various themed areas, portraying a climate-friendly lifestyle as shown by the Bavarian Climate Alliance, allowing them to playfully discover how they can contribute towards climate protection.

This approach to interactive learning turns the transfer of information into an emotional experience and also encourages sharing it on social media.
The design concept for the interactive wall presentation was created at CPP Studios, together with its graphic and technical realization.

The Street life Festival in Munich (9-10th September, 2017) had over 170,000 visitors. The mobile “Green Containers” will next be deployed at the State Garden Show in Wurzburg.