IBM - CEBIT 2009
IBM - CeBIT 2009 Getting the attention of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her delegation at CeBIT is hard enough. Having her be there at the same time as “Governator” Arnold Schwarzenegger, however, sounds nearly impossible.

But it happened in 2009. A kinetic display consisting of 512 free-hanging, LED-lit orbs, which could be freely positioned since they hung from thin wires, created ever-changing artistic forms.

The kinetic exhibit, dubbed "FreeFloat", was not only praised by high-ranking politicians, it was also used by TV broadcasters and print media as the defining image of CeBIT in reports about the fair.

IBM's stand at the fair had another highlight: a half sphere equipped with 18 projectors creating a globe that displayed IBM's vision of a "Smarter Planet" on its surface.