IBM - CEBIT 2007
IBM - CeBIT 2007 was the last year that Deutsche Messe used hall 1 at its fairgrounds in Hanover as a location to host fairs. For us, it was the last time we would be able to return to the place where the beginnings of CPP Studios, a longstanding partner, had their origin.

It goes without saying that we and our customer organized a proper celebration. Hundreds of LCD monitors and thousands of liters of water, as well as countless cables, adapters, speakers, touchscreens and computers, were used in the creation of four interactive media exhibits.

The project enlisted the support of 22 3D designers, 10 compositors, 8 graphic designers, 14 technicians, 4 art directors, 4 project managers, 3 copywriters, 3 sound designers, 2 dancers, 1 choreographer and many, many more assistants and other amazing people.